GP stockholm SiaB meetup 14/9

Welcome, champagne is served at arrival.


R1 vs Cermak, ouch tough match from start, notice he plays the mono blue that I tested against once before, I draw counterspells when needed and disenchants are outstanding. Win 2-0.

R2 (while eating)vs Jocke Falk always seen him on black, and same now with white splash, bolts and countering su-shis are a win here, beatdown with serendibs. 2nd game I lost I think haha, 3rd game I have maze and again countering his stuff and beating down with lions and mishras for the win 2-1, burn and a twist also helped alot

R3 vs Seb really tough match, twiddle vault with sushi and trisk, draw 7 and see LoA, fine keep even thou I won dice roll. Seb counter his t1 with LoA, ancestral, timewalk lotus land mox I loose on the spot. Game2 I manage to win somehow. G3 I stumble on mana cand cant counter anything due to single blue land and have 3 counter on hand, he vaults and walks and eventually I loose with not much on board, lost 1-2

R4 vs mono green, pretty straight forward game, bolt and small creatuers and counter the big guys, both games similar and win 2-0

Where was Serra? Hmm

3-1 people get to flip to get into top4, I flip vs Arvika bearded guy 😊 he misses 3 flips in a row. First time I also miss, 2nd judge call not 360 degreee flip, 3rd I hit and get to semi.

Semi vs Råberg (drinking water, better get some water too, thx Max) very hard game we went to 3rd game and I manage to burn him out for the win.

Maze and spirit link was good here, again Serra hiding somewhere.

Final vs Seb Celia (again) ouch he won in the swiss how can I beat him? Seb had a few more beers under the belt and did some misplays, LoA showing up after striping my Tundra was great for me I get to go off and win, again burn here was really good, bolt and psi blast EOT into Fireball after upkeep with counterspell backup took him to 0 life.

Reflexions, Burn was good, counterspell was good maze good. Allstar LoA shone like a star. Tutor and twist a bit underwhelming actually, specialy with counterspells, you want to keep mana up for those and vs black you want to burn your twist before they do, so I ended up with a twist for 3, not the best maybe…3rd Serra might be better. Power sinks

First win in a tournament for this Ragman 😊