Almars Farmstead 2018 November 17

I can not remember the last time I felt this much excitement before an oldschool event. The event hosted a four course fine dining together with 5 rounds of swiss and a top 4. Having to cancelled my trip to Italy fishliver cup a month earlier, only able to get the experience through online stalking my friends Jonnie “Bonnie” and Landgraf “The Professor” at the event really fueled my hunger to play 9394.

Somehow even though I did plan every small detail that would make it possible for me to leave Sthlm and join the event, I had not decided which deck I to play yet on the day of the tournament… And for some reason, when you ask someone for help in deck decision, the answer is always like:

– Spice it up!
– Play Eureka packed with elder dragons and Craw Giant!
Or even
– Play Leviathan!

Me, Fredrik, and Christoffer did arrive at our hotell in Karlstad an hour before start of the event. One beer later together with some deck brewing we took a taxi from our hotell to Almars Landstead. Since I like to play with expensive spells and heavy creatures, I ended up sleaving a deck I had tested some games with over Skype a couple of weeks earlier.

Arriving at Almars Landstead was no disappointment. Beautiful old building with really warm welcomming feel over it. Everything well organized. High class dinner table setting and numbered play tables with comfortable chairs and generously spaced play area.

Round: 1

My first game was against Algot. I had never played against him before so I didnt know what to expect.

Game one: Im on the play with a fantastic start. I play Amnesia after a time walk turn.

Didnt see much of his deck but I understand he is on some kind of Millstone deck. Decided to board in 3 Shivan Dragon.

Game two: Again I have a broken start hand. Shivan first turn, followed up with Ancestral. He plays Arboria but to late.

We finish early and I get my third beer in the bar and watch Christoffer play against an opponent who plays Killer Bees and have 4 Berserk and one Giant Growth in his hand. Christoffer dies to “tons of damage”

Round 2:

My next opponent is localy called Handsome Niklas.

Game 1: Im on the draw, he is rushing out Hypnotic and Juzam. Im lucky to have Balance in my start hand. He pulls another Juzam and im able to play Abyss to answer it. He cries out in agony. Im able to save my Abyss against his Disenchant with a Boomerang. Only to have him destroy it with a Chaos Orb the turn after. However this makes me feel safe playing the Mirror Universe I have kept in hand some turns. Next turn Im able to change life and its gg.

Game 2: He starts with a Library of Alexandria. I play my Timetwister turn 2 and pull some Artifact power. Next turn I play my Wheel of Fortune and Mindtwist him for 4. This means gg. A few turns later I Fireball him to death. 2-0

Round 3
Im against Mällroth. Last time we met he beat me 2-1 åt the Scandinavian Championship in Arvika. He is a well known guy in the Swedish community. He wears the Kilt, he plays the flute, and ofc he has the largest collection of magic oldschool cards I know of.
I was starting to get a bit drunk on an emty stomach so I hope I remember our games correctly…

Game 1: I have a Sol Ring and a Fireball in my starting hand. He is on RUG like in Arvika and starts by puttning down an Argothian Pixies. I decided to keep my Fireball and on his next turn he plays one Pixies more. Fireball two for one 🙂 I get a Triskellion out and I try to control the game with some Power Sinks. I counter his Erhnam and he plays a third Pixies which I use my Chaos Orb on. 1-0

Game 2. Sideboard, 4 BeB and 3 dragons, 1 City in a Bottle in. Amnesia, Boomerang, Mana Drain and Power Sink out. He starts by throwing Chains and Bolts at me. I use my Chaos Orb and Reconstruction to kill his creatures. Mishras hit me until I get a Shivan out. He has Energy Flux but Shivan keeps me safe. He does attack with two Mishras, I block and he has one lightning bolt to kill Shivan. I get the Mirror out and Im able to trade 7 for 20. He moves all in and plays two Serendibs. But its not enough and he dies to the upkeep cost. GG

Dinner break! This deserve a blog post on its own so I will leave you only with some pictures. Desert was icecream made from malt, served with chocolate, licorice root, carmelized malt and flambe oats.

After the dinner Im up against Jimmie. A local Karlstad oldschooler who now lives in Oslo Norway. A real contributor to the oldschool community who on this day did lend out decks to three people!

G1: Jimmie is on Grixis, BUR. Abyss is the MVP against him but I suffer alot of dmg to his burn. When he is tapped down I see my chance to play Timetwister. This is when things get a bit crazy. My City of Brass has taken me down to 1.

After my Twister I belive I played Black Lotus 5 times on the same turn using Reconstruction, Time Walk, Regrowt and another Timetwister. Wheel of Fortune and after an Ancestral, and lot of artifact mana I play Mirror, Time Walk, Fireball.


Game 2: I draw all my expensive cards. Jimmie is hurtig me with Serendibs. I do my best with Chaos Orb and Reconstruction to kill every monster he play. But they keep comming. The game comes to a desperate draw 7 play which he punished me for greatly with burn. 1-1

Game 3: He plays an early Energy Flux. Addition to that some land destruction really slowes me down. However he doesnt draw any spells mana flooding while im slowly building up my way back in the game. A very back and forth game which came to Jimmie at 7 life and me at 1. My hand is empty and he will kill me the next turn if I dont draw anything good. I tell him that I need Fireball to win and flip my top card revealed when I draw. The card I draw is a Braingeyser. I count my mana and tell him that Im saving 8 mana for the Fireball and I play the Braingeyser to draw 4 cards. Again I do reavel each card drawn to Jimmie. First card is Mana Drain, second is Black Lotus, third card is a Fireball! Everyone at the table screams. Jimmie laughs and shakes his head. – Its never over until its over. GGs Jimmie

Now at 4 – 0 Drunk and happy. My SiaB brother Christoffer is also ready for top 4. I decide to have my first glas of water, and another beer 🙂

Game 5. Me and Christoffer are paired. Happy that we both are ready for top 4 we play our games in the most casual way. That did not stop me for drawing the most broken start hand. Christoffer mutters that he needs to buy blue power after I play my third draw seven on the first turn. 2-0

Swiss 5-0 (10-1)


In the top 4 Im up against Christoffer again. We both sigh.

Game 1: Christoffer does destroy me with first turn Hypnotic and land destruction/Disenchant my Moxen.
When I get enough breathing room to place down a Triskellion he answers it with Balance. Taking all my hand and leaving me defenceless against his Mishras Factories. (0-1)

Sideboard, one more Mirror and two Disks for Amnesia.
In the next two games Mirror Universe and the restricted cards game me the win. Answering an Underworld Dreams with Mirror Universe really feels unfair. Waiting for that moment to time walk and play draw seven, only to change lifes in the beginning of the next one. I remember taking control over a Juzam Djinn in one game. Somewhere during these games we both started to having trouble calculating my mana pool with somewhat 8-9 beers and wine running in our bodies. Lucky to have spectators assisting 🙂 (Next year Ill bring a less complicated deck)

In the final I play against Alex who is on Troll Disko.
Im gonna stop here and just say he won 3-1. I leave it to him to tell that story.

ALEX the winner

Going back to our hotell in a shared large taxi with everyone chatting about what a great event had been. Telling stories from their games played. Back at the hotell me, Fredrik and Christoffer sharing a “Family room” giggling like teenagers when from our beds, telling stories about everything from the days event to bad pick up lines.

Thank you Karlstad! See you again next year!







GP stockholm SiaB meetup 2018 September 14

Welcome, champagne is served at arrival.


R1 vs Cermak, ouch tough match from start, notice he plays the mono blue that I tested against once before, I draw counterspells when needed and disenchants are outstanding. Win 2-0.

R2 (while eating)vs Jocke Falk always seen him on black, and same now with white splash, bolts and countering su-shis are a win here, beatdown with serendibs. 2nd game I lost I think haha, 3rd game I have maze and again countering his stuff and beating down with lions and mishras for the win 2-1, burn and a twist also helped alot


R3 vs Seb really tough match, twiddle vault with sushi and trisk, draw 7 and see LoA, fine keep even thou I won dice roll. Seb counter his t1 with LoA, ancestral, timewalk lotus land mox I loose on the spot. Game2 I manage to win somehow. G3 I stumble on mana cand cant counter anything due to single blue land and have 3 counter on hand, he vaults and walks and eventually I loose with not much on board, lost 1-2

R4 vs mono green, pretty straight forward game, bolt and small creatuers and counter the big guys, both games similar and win 2-0

Where was Serra? Hmm

3-1 people get to flip to get into top4, I flip vs Arvika bearded guy 😊 he misses 3 flips in a row. First time I also miss, 2nd judge call not 360 degreee flip, 3rd I hit and get to semi.

Semi vs Råberg (drinking water, better get some water too, thx Max) very hard game we went to 3rd game and I manage to burn him out for the win.

Maze and spirit link was good here, again Serra hiding somewhere.

Final vs Seb Celia (again) ouch he won in the swiss how can I beat him? Seb had a few more beers under the belt and did some misplays, LoA showing up after striping my Tundra was great for me I get to go off and win, again burn here was really good, bolt and psi blast EOT into Fireball after upkeep with counterspell backup took him to 0 life.

Reflexions, Burn was good, counterspell was good maze good. Allstar LoA shone like a star. Tutor and twist a bit underwhelming actually, specialy with counterspells, you want to keep mana up for those and vs black you want to burn your twist before they do, so I ended up with a twist for 3, not the best maybe…3rd Serra might be better. Power sinks.

First win in a tournament for this Ragman 😊